DEA Epsilon CMM: Direct computer controlled coordinate measuring machine, PH-10 Head, 360 degree rotations, measuring range X 72.” Y 60”. Z 40”. Camio studio software

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Inspection: Machining and Fabrication… Checked for Accuracy.

Shown below is Cizion’s temperature controlled inspection area which includes; granite tables, a wide variety of precise measuring instruments, an optical comparator, and a DEA Epsilon CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). This equipment is routinely used for first article inspection of new production runs and periodic production sampling to verify process control. Precise dimensional measurement and tolerance verification is provided by skilled quality assurance engineers and technicians. We mill and turn steel, stainless steel, aluminum, various plastics, as well as many exotic materials to close tolerance for precision applications. Cizion’s inspection equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure your products meet the highest standards. Our cost effective machining facility in Osceola, Wisconsin is staffed with knowledgeable, CAD/CAM designers, NC programmers, experienced engineers and quality-conscience machinists. Cizion’s dependable team custom manufactures to your specifications and inspects each run for quality.

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