CNC horizontal milling machines at Cizion have the capacity to handle machining of over-sized heavy parts. From deep boring to 4-axis milling our engineers and technicians match the horizontal milling machine to your particular project application.


Cizion has broad vertical machining capability with a 84 foot Gantry machine, a high speed 3 spindle vertical machining center, and smaller vertical mills. Typical operations include; vertical milling, rotary indexing, contour machining, jig boring, form drilling, scallop cutting, compound chamfering, radius cutting and keyway splining.


Cizion has the capability to turn parts up to 31 inches diameter and 110 inches in length utilizing 3 CNC lathes and a manual lathe.


Typical materials utilized by Cizion include; 300 and 400 series aircraft stainless steel, steel alloys, titanium, inconel, beryllium copper, magnesium, monel and carbon steel as well as various grades of aluminum and cast iron.

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