Cizion LLC

The business was founded in 1991 specializing in precision component machining for aviation, defense, aerospace, energy (primarily oil and gas) and many other industries. Recently purchased by new ownership Cizion operates out of a 25,000 sq. ft. facility based in Osceola, Wisconsin. Cizion has the capacity and vision to meet any machining need, specifically large parts that are hard to source. They specialize in multi axis CNC horizontal / vertical milling and turning, with milling capacities up to 84 feet in length and weights up to 40,000 pounds.

The Employees

The right people make the difference. Cizion employs craftsman machinists and engineers who know how to gain efficiencies and are empowered to develop the best solutions to exceed customer requirements.

The Future

With the financial and intellectual resources the new ownership and management, the future of Cizion is clear. The engineering talent of Cizion will be paired with the lean manufacturing expertise of the new management to continually improve the customer experience. In addition, there has been a significant capital investment in equipment. These improvements will allow for a significant increase in output to provide reduced lead time and better on-time delivery. The future will bring a more flexible, more engaged, customer focused operation.

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